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Private Litigation Proliferation in Crypto World

In recent months, SEC Chair Gary Gensler has referred (on more than one occasion) to crypto as the “Wild West.” As cliché as that may sound, the shoe, or boot, seems to fit quite well. Similar to the aggressive expansion westward in the 1800s that shaped the nation, crypto is a magnet for exploratory investors (as evidenced by a growing total market value of over $3 trillion) and has an...

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Regulators Are Coming, but Can They Corral the Crypto Multiverse?

Making order out of a multiverse is an extraordinarily difficult task, just ask DC Comics, which has struggled to achieve the success of its rival, Marvel, to create a coherent narrative for its popular superheroes. Regulators in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere must do better if they hope to create a comprehensive regulatory framework for an ever-expanding multiverse of digital coins and digital...

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The OCC’s Crypto Charter Craze

The epic battle of state regulators versus federal agencies for the right to regulate online financial services shows no sign of ending soon. In 2019, a federal New York district judge found that the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) lacks the authority to grant non-depository fintechs special purpose charters. Such charters would enable fintechs providing online financial services...

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