Oh, the Indemnity! Claims for Reimbursement May Follow RMBS Litigation Settlements

When the Roman philosopher, Seneca, said, “Every new beginning comes from other beginning’s end,” he probably didn’t have litigation cycles in mind, but the quote is apropos of recent actions by defendants in RMBS litigation on the heels, or in anticipation, of their concluding litigation. The statute of limitations may have expired on new claims for repurchase or fraud based on alleged loan defects in pre-financial crisis subprime RMBS deals, but a settlement or litigation award paid out by a defendant may mark the beginning of a new six-year limitations period for the defendant to seek reimbursement or contribution from other deal parties. As discussed in this recent Alert, there are procedural, substantive and practical challenges to maintaining these claims that may limit their effectiveness.

Joseph provided a more in-depth discussion of this issue in a Law360 article, available here.


About Co-Author

Seiji Newman is counsel in the Insolvency, Creditors’ Rights & Financial Products Practice Group of Davis & Gilbert. Seiji’s practice focuses on complex commercial litigation, including disputes relating to the financial services sector, class actions, bankruptcy, residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS), and real estate.

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